We have been a welding auxiliary material manufacturer for more than 30 years. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the warm support and guidance of our customers and other stakeholders. We are focusing on quality, development, and human resources to realize our management philosophy: sincere and honest manufacturing, continuous efforts for technological improvement, and innovation always in line with the times. In terms of quality, prices, and delivery, which form the basis of manufacturing, we have introduced a production management system to satisfy our customers further and have taken the first step toward the creation of a smart factory. As a welding auxiliary material manufacturer, we will continue to strive to achieve higher quality and convenience. We will also actively engage in other businesses besides the manufacture of auxiliary welding materials, including overseas development. We look forward to your continued support and guidance, and if you have any requests for product development, please contact us.
Seiichiro Baba, President,
Sunouchi Corporation

We started our business as a steel material dealer and now specialize in the production of end tabs and backing materials for welding of building steel frames, aiming to be a developing manufacture of auxiliary welding materials with Sunox-branded products. Since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, materials for end tabs have switched from steel to ceramics, and more and more ceramic products are used in all auxiliary welding materials. We have established Rushan City Xuzhisheng Special Ceramics Co.,Ltd. in Shandong Province, China, where we are producing various end tab materials, backup materials and improve the quality.
On the other hand, we developed new steel products, such as backing metal for columns (Kadopita), backing metal for the non-scalp method (CR-F), and hinges for splice plates for beam connection to meet the needs of users. We also have been receiving high praise by supplying ceramic tabs for thick plate welding of construction machinery and plant frame welding for steel structural welding besides building steel frames and developing special ceramics tabs and backup materials for steel bridges. Furthermore, we developed low-hygroscopic backup materials for hull welding to contribute to the shipbuilding country. Based on our corporate philosophy of sincere manufacturing, we will continue to enhance our Sunox products with the cooperation of university laboratories, public research institutes, and welding robot manufacturers, based on the opinions of our customers.