We developed low-hygroscopic backup materials for hull welding to contribute to the shipbuilding country.

This material is non-porous (moisture-proof and waterproof type). Through joint research with a major Chinese ceramics plant, a detailed ceramic composition has been achieved with a percentage of a porosity of less than 6% or and a water absorption ratio of less than 3%. Even when this product is left outside, exposed to rain or welding outside, it causes no welding problems and secures a sound and beautiful backing bead.

・Product example of Ceramic Backup Material



CBW-G34NPWith glass tape

The quality and joint performance of welded parts for CBW-30NP are confirmed under the Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels of the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.

Example of using products of Sunouchi Corporation to bridges

At plants: Plate joints, T joints, neck welds;
steel tabs (L, K, AP and etc.),

and ceramic tabs (A, CP, SC and etc.)
 At sites:① Sub-merge arc welding for steel floor slabs;
Ceramic backup materials (CBW-G34NP)

    ② Gas shielded arc welding;
Ceramic backup materials (CBW-276NP, -30NP, -36)

Example of using products

Ceramic tab