We specialize in the production of end tabs and backing materials for welding of building steel frames,
aiming to develop auxiliary welding materials with Sunox-branded products.

Example of using Kadopita

Kadopita is delivered in the form of a slate. Please bend it when using it.
*Avoid assembly and welding at or near the corners. You can use Kadopita in the same way as the usual backing materials, except when adjusting the corners.

Example of using Steel Tab

Example of using Ceramic Tab

The welding procedure manual using the Sunox Ceramic Tab is available.

For columns

A80 A110
Double type

For K beveled side plates

Example of using Ceramic Tab Stopper

Example of using Backing Metal

How to select the backing metal length
CR-F, CR backing metal for non-scallops
 Length of the backing metal for non-scallops, L0: H-shape steel flange width / 2 – Web plate thickness / 2 +α

Steel backing metal
 Length of the steel backing metal, L0: H-shape steel flange width + α

Example of using LL Hinge

Example of using Gouging Carbon